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Trusted Preschool in St. Charles, MO

At Early Childhood Prep School in St. Charles, MO, we’re a preschool that strongly believes that children greatly benefit from a one-on-one focus in a nurturing and creative environment. We know every student has their unique needs and talents, and our goal is to help your child meet the learning benchmarks of their age through fun activities. Specializing in caring for infants through children of age five, we’ve committed ourselves to providing the very best resources for childhood learning.  

Our Mission Statement

ECPS is a suburban school with an accelerated curriculum based in an atmosphere filled with character, love, and Christian morals. We seek to nurture and individualize learning to develop confident, loving, and adept learners for future times.

When describing The Early Childhood Prep. School, three areas come to mind: accelerated education, character, and love.  Our dedication in each of these areas makes this a special place.

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Unique Curriculum

At Early Childhood Prep School, we teach from a unique curriculum that is created by our talented teaching staff. We will ensure your child is receiving the best education possible under our instruction.


One of the most important aspects of our education is ensuring we maintain a Christian-centered approach to our curriculum. Your child will benefit from a loving and accepting environment.

Attendance Rollover

We understand that you make an investment in your child care and coordinating schedules can be difficult. If you don’t use the days you’ve paid for with us, they’ll roll over and can be used at a later date.

Committed to Providing Quality Education

Founded in 1993 by Elizabeth Sparks, we ensure your child has a solid foundation that will prepare them for a successful educational career. This is important to us. Our custom accelerated curriculum prepares every student for their future endeavors by utilizing engaging educational techniques. Not only will this accelerate their education, but every child will receive the individualized attention they need to thrive.

We know our school is only as great as the faculty we employ. Every member of our staff is committed to providing their students with a quality education and child care that will make a lasting impact on their lives. Our staff is state-certified and highly qualified, and we each have a love for what we do.

When you choose Early Childhood Prep School in St. Charles County, you’ll be confident you’ve made the right decision. We would love for you to stop by and see for yourself why so many parents in the community have chosen us. Call our school today to speak with a staff member to schedule your tour today. We look forward to meeting you! 

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Extra Curricular Activities

All Star Sports

This sports program helps build confidence, self-esteem and sport skills. This program helps develop outstanding physical fitness with a different sport each week. The cost is $8.00 per week or billed monthly.


Gymnastics on Wheels - This fun activity involves a full sized school bus that has been professionally converted into a SAFE and FUN mini-gymnastic center for ages 2 and older! The cost is only $52.00 for 8 weeks or $8.00 per session. This activity runs all year long, including the summer months.

Party Days!

For many holidays and special events, we post sign-up sheets for parents to donate food and party items for the party. Feel free to pick any item if you would like, but please make sure the item is “store bought.” As a health and safety measure we ask that you do not bring in “homemade” items. 

Special Guests and Programs

Throughout the month we have many guest speakers and great fun themes. Look at the detailed monthly newsletter for all details and pricing. Each event may have a small fee for the activity. For most events, a parent’s signature is required. Look in your child’s file and in the office area for the upcoming fun!

Why Should I Send My Child to Preschool?  

  • A child’s brain grows to 90% of its adult size by age five. Therefore, the first few years are critical and preschool aids this development.
  • Preschool leads to overall academic achievement and school success, less grade repetition and special education, and increased high school graduation rates.
  • Preschool leads to improvements in social and emotional development that allow children to interact appropriately and effectively with others. This is argued to be the most important takeaways from preschool.
  • For every dollar invested in preschool education, savings range from $2.50 to as much as $17 in the years ahead.
  • High-quality preschool has also been found to reduce participants’ future reliance on welfare and likeliness of being imprisoned.
  • At-risk children who don’t receive quality preschool education are 25% more likely than their peers to drop out of school and 70% more likely to be arrested for a violent crime.
  • High-quality preschool programs benefit children from middle-income families as well as from low-income families.
  • A learning environment, like the one found in preschool, can be difficult to replicate at home.
  • Preschool teaches children to build relationships with other trusted adults.
  • Prepares children for the routine of school, like waking up to get to school on-time, eating lunch away from home, raising their hand to speak or ask to go to the bathroom, and following a teacher’s instructions. 

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Early Childhood Prep School is looking Part Time and Full Time Assistant Teachers and Infant Teachers. Download our application below and drop off completed application at 1530 Country Club Plaza Dr in St. Charles or Apply Online
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