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Advanced Preschool Program

At our final level, which includes children of ages four and five, students will be attending kindergarten the following school year. Our students complete similar work as other preschool classes but are working at a more advanced pace and learning new concepts that will be seen again during kindergarten. We’re confident that by the end of their time with us, your children will be prepared educationally and emotionally for the steps ahead.  

children reading outside

Christian Values at the Center of Education

Besides the basics of being introduced to letters, numbers, and shapes, students at this level will begin to cultivate more advanced skills, such as telling time, geography, and science projects. Because Christian values are at the center of our curriculum, Bible verses are taught. Through our advanced classes, your child will be set on the right path for the rest of their education. We believe in challenging our students but also ensure that all daily activities are engaging and exciting.    

We know your child will greatly benefit from their time at Early Childhood Prep School. To speak with a member of our teaching staff or to schedule a tour of our preschool, call our office today or feel free to stop by.   

Preparing for the Routine of School

Preschool is an important part of your child’s educational experience. Not only do our child care services lead to overall academic achievement and school success, they will prepare your child for the routine of school. The learning environment we provide is difficult to replicate at home and will teach them how to function well in a classroom setting. 

Telling Time
Science Projects
Art Projects
Bible Verses