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Nurturing Pre-Kindergarten Prep

At Early Childhood Prep School, we have one classroom with two specialized areas. One of these areas is for children that have just turned three and are potty trained. These children have mastered earlier activities and are ready for a more focused preschool curriculum. The other area is designed for children ages upper-three to four, who do the same activities as the other group, but which involve themes and content areas.

children playing with blocks

Fun and Engaging Activities

While we have separate groups to ensure each is receiving the attention they need, all students in our pre-kindergarten classroom will be well prepared for the next level of their education. By completing more advanced activities, you’ll know your child is on the path to a great education. While we’re committed to helping our students learn at a faster pace, our teaching staff ensures all activities are fun and engaging. We offer flexible tuition and fees so you can provide your child with the preschool experience they deserve. Available for both full and half days, we strive to be easy to work around your work schedule. 

Our school creates a welcoming and creative environment where students can thrive. Stop by today to learn more about how your child will benefit from our program.

Well-Rounded Experience

Our preschool strives to give your child a well-rounded experience, which is why we’re always offering extracurricular activities, such as sports programs, party days, and special guests. Through these activities, we hope to instill in your child a love of learning and being active and help them further develop their skills.   

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Advanced Preschool Curriculum
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Extracurricular Activities