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Engaging Toddler Care

The children in the two-year-old classroom work on the same items as the toddlers but are also introduced to letters, numbers, and learning more about the Bible. In addition, this age group focuses on potty training and developing self-help skills. At Early Childhood Prep School, you’ll know your toddler is in the care of professionals who love what they do and are determined to give your child the best experience possible. 

children having a snack

Experienced Teaching Staff

Toddlers require a special approach to ensure their success, and our teaching staff has the experience needed to give your child the experience they deserve. Known for our dedication to maintaining a nurturing environment, we want to help them develop socially and emotionally through hands-on activities. These activities not only help prepare them for school in the future but also give them the skills they need to become more independent. Under our guidance, they will learn how to interact appropriately and effectively with others.  

Our school creates a welcoming and creative environment where students can thrive. Stop by today to learn more about how your child will benefit from our program.

Learning About God

We know it’s never too early to be sharing the love that God has for us, which is why we begin teaching your child about the Bible in our classroom. By utilizing engaging and fun activities, they’ll begin to learn about God in a way that makes sense to them. As a school with a commitment to Christian values, we believe that it’s never too early to start educating our toddlers about the love and compassion God has for us.  

Potty Training
Self-Help Skills
Bible Study